in the recent years alot of studies show more and more about fungal infection

happen in humans and animals and these studies make us in aneed to know

this fungus kingdom.

what is fungi?

Fungi are eukaryotes and as such share many similarities with mammalian

cells , The most striking difference, though, is the presence of a cell wall that

serves to protect the fungus from environmental stresses, particularly

osmotic changes

fungi cell structure:

1- nucleus

2- nuclear membrane

3- cell wall (polysacccharides, polypeptides)

cell membrane of fungi contain ergosterol whic is important  for its growth.

The three major components of cell wall of fungus

, found in all medically important fungi studiedto date, are:

1- β-glucans (polymers of glucose)

2- chitin (polymer of N-acetylglucosamine)

3- mannans

general characteristics of fungi:

1- cannot make their organic food

2- similar structure like animals and plants

3- the rigid cell wall

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