fungal skin infections are so common in children and can affect adult, and one of the most common methods to treat skin fungus

is using selsun blue shampoo and it is more common used in one type of skin fungus called tinea versicolor which appear on face, chest, shoulder and back of the body with brown and white spots on the skin and selsun blue is one of the best shampoo with creams in treatment of these skin fungus

what is common fungus infection used in:

tinea versicolor is not an easy skin fungal infection problem , it takes times to be treated well and not recurrent

and one of the most good shamppo is selsun blue 2.5%

Tinea versicolor (pityriasis versicolor) is a superficial mycosis caused by

various yeasts and lipophilic fungi of the genus Malassezia, with three

dominant species: M globosa, M sympodialis, and M furfur.

Tinea versicolor characteristics:

1- fine scaly patches or macules

2- hypochromic or hyperchromic (versicolor)

tinea versicolor in body:

1- upper aspects of the trunk

2- neck

3- arms

4- face

5- groin

6- thighs

Selsun blue (selenium sulfide) shampoo

it is one of the most common antifungal treatment used to treat alot of skin

problems and conditions like:

1- selsun blue for tinea versicolor

2- selsun blue for dandruff

3- selsun blue for seborrheic dermatitis

4- selsun blue for tinea capitis

selsun blue ingredients:

selenium sulfide 2.5% (Selenium sulfide is a bright orange powder that is

insoluble in water). selsun blue in the form of shammpo used widely for

treatment of tinea versicolor (pityriasis versicolor)

selsun blue shampoo benefits review:

1- very effective

2- cytostatic effect

3- sporocidal effect

4- safe using by children too

selsun blue shampoo side effects review:

1- little skin irritation

2- little skin discoloration

how to use (apply) selsun blue shampoo

apply it on the area of tinea versicolor and keep it on it for 5-10 minutes

before washing (rinsing) it, and this will be once/day for almost 14 days.

don’t put shampoo on these sites:

Avoid putting it on inflamed scalp or head

Avoid putting it on eyes

Avoid putting it on wounds

Avoid putting it on boils of head

What to do if you have side effects?

Wash your eyes if shampoo reaches them

Stop treatment if you have allergy to it

Do not leave it more than 10 minutes

Consult your doctor if you feel something wrong

How many days you can use the shampoo?

14 days for tinea versicolor every day

2-3 months for dandruff twice every week

What you expect for it?

You will find good result after 7 days

self caring methods:

Self cleaning and clean cloths

Self cleaning after sport activities or in summer

Finally we can say that selsun blue shampoo is on of the best shampoo used in the treatment of some skin problems and used with other to treatment like antifungal creams for tinea and this can be more effective and faster with good result in some days

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