selsun blue is one of the most common and famous shampoo in the market for the treatment of tinea of the skin

and sometimes people want to know if they can use it for other ringworm affect them and what will be the result, selsun blue is most used with tinea versicolor as helping in the cure but not alone with some anti-fungal creams

and it is better to treat ringworm with the most common creams and one of these ringworm affect children is the scalp ringworm and we will show you simple information on it

ringworm of scalp is most

prevalent in children older than 6 months of age and before puberty. it

causes invasion of the hair by fungus.

scalp ringworm causes:

1- T. tonsurans more common in North America

2- M. canis more common in Western Europe

3- T. violaceum more common in South America

conditions that make spread of scalp ringworm

1- overcrowding

2- poverty

3- poor hygiene

how do you get scalp ringworm

1- child to child

2- dog , cat to children (Less than 10% of the cases are caused by infected


3- barber places

4- hat places

5- seats used for more than ones

is that scalp ringworm contagious?

Ringworm is not caused by a worm. Over 90% of cases are due to

Trichophyton tonsurans, which is transmitted from other children who are

infected. Combs, brushes, hats, barrettes, seat backs, pillows, and bath

towels can transmit the fungus. so its contagious diseases specially with

children in school or the same home with no care.

types of scalp ringworm:

1- scaly ringworm

2- black dot ringworm

3- kerion

4- favus

what does the scalp ringworm looks like? (scalp ringworm symptoms):

A- scaly ringworm:

1- scalp scales

2- rounded white grey patch

3- well defines

4- affected hair are broken

B- blak dot scalp ringworm:

1- rounded

2- black dots

C- kerion:

1- inflammed nodules

2- painful

3- contain pus

D- favus: (hair loss with scalp ringworm)


2- cups formation

3- hair loss

4- end stage with cicatricial alopecia

diseases simliar to scalp ringworm (Differential diagnosis)

1- impetigo of scalp

2- abscess in case of kerion

3- alopecia

scalp ringworm diagnosis:

1- history examination

2- KOH

3- fugus culture

scalp ringworm treatment:

scalp ringworm is so easy and the problem when concern to hair loss as

sometimes needs more care from parents and follow up and the treatment is:

1- topical antifungal shampoo

-ketoconazole shampoo 2%

- selenium sulfide 2.5% shampoo

apply the shampoo on scalp for 5- 10 minutes and then washing

2- topical antifungal cream

- ketoconazole cream or lamisil can be of good effect

3- antifungal pills:

the dose differe from kids to adult

A- Griseofulvin

(Griseofulvin is the only FDA-approved drug for the treatment of scalp


15–25 mg/kg/day 6–8 weeks

B- Itraconazole

(5 mg/kg/day) 2–4 weeks

C- Fluconazole

Daily dosing 6 mg/kg/day 3–6 weeks

Griseofulvin is considered first-line therapy for scalp ringworm. Follow your

doctor’s advice for proper treatment, is so important to have good and

effective treatment.
School return and scalp ringworm

Keeping children out of school after starting therapy is controversial. Several

experts suggest that once treatment has been initiated with oral and topical

agents, the children should, for practical reasons, be allowed back to school

or day care although there is still a risk of infecting fellow students.

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